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Riding Lesson Programs
Our Equestrian Programs are here to "Serve You" Our main purpose is to help develop every student in to becoming a confident polished rider!
We put a strong emphasis on building the students core muscles which is the key to a solid independent seat, the very foundation needed to become an accomplished rider, using balancing exercise's that build the core, encourage rhythm, tempo, while applying proper application of pressure cue communication, to establish and promote control of their mount with lightness of hands, making the horse and rider become "One" in harmony together at all three gaits! 

We "ONLY" offer Private Lessons And Small Group Lessons with your (e.g. if siblings or friends would like to ride together). MUST Be same age and skill level to create small group lesson.

30-minute lessons: Ages 4-6yrs old.
•Single private 30-min lessons: $55.00 per student
•Monthly Package of (4) 30-min lessons $185.00mo. (5) 30-min. $231.00mo.
This young riders class is designed to jump start a solid riding foundation early on, student will help groom mount. Instructor will saddle and bridle the mount, while the student observes tacking up properly.

1-hour lessons: Ages 7-Adults.
•Single private 1-hour lessons: $75.00 per student 
•Monthly Package of (4) 1-hr. lessons: $230.00mo. (5) 1-hr. $287.00mo.
Monthly Package of (8) 1-hr. lessons: $450.00mo. (10) 1-hr. $550.00mo.
This class is designed for students to groom, clean hooves, saddle, bridle, learn proper tack fitting process, warm up / cool down mount in appropriate riding arena, untack, groom/bathe/sponge off sweat after  each lessons as needed, cleans all equipment after lesson and puts in proper place in tack room.
All Leases Full, Half and Partial follow the Lesson Package Policy Rules

Weight Limit of Rider & Tack Ratio NOT to Exceed 20% Of equine body weight. Example ( a 1000# Equine = 200# Rider/Tack INCLUDED).

*IMPORTANT All Monthly Lesson Packages are sold by how many weeks in the month, (example some months have (5) weeks per month, you add a lesson(s) to those months, see rates above), your required to ride at least once a week or more or use within month of purchase to receive discounted rate, must be pre paid in full, non refundable, allowed 1-excused absence per month (illness & emergencies are excused and lesson is rescheduled as make up, make ups are scheduled on avail dates, not on normal lesson schedule, unless we can offer double duration class. PLEASE Note: 30 days written notice required to cancel your monthly reservation slot. Bad Weather/Rain dates are rescheduled and made up, Monthly Package RateAccounts due on 1st day of month, unpaid accounts past (3rd day of month are charged a $50.00 late fee). 

Here is a list of the many things that are covered in our riding lessons:

  • How to halter, lead, and tie a quick-release safety knot
  • Grooming, Polo Wraps / Splint Boots, clipping, and bathing your horse
  • Tacking up your horse (including thorough knowledge of all necessary equipment and how to determine proper fit)
  • How to warm up and cool down your mount for lessons, allowing your horse to perform at optimum level
  • Longeing on a 30ft longe-line.
  • Using mounted exercises to build strength in the core.
  • Safety around horses from the ground to in the saddle. Emergency dismounts and how to handle a nervous horse.
  • The psychology of the horse and how to speak his language most effectively.
  • Strong and effective riding with "gentle hands." Proper communication and application of cues at walk/trot/canter, both bareback and with a saddle.

Required Equipment:
  • Equestrian safety helmet
  • Equestrian boots for English (paddock or field boots), for Western (cowboy boots)

Optional Equipment:
  • Equestrian Riders pants (breeches) Western Rider pants (Blue-Jeans)
  • English spurs (small ball 1")
  • Riding gloves
  • Half chaps

Here are some local retailers that carry riding equipment:

Contact Us to schedule a lesson today

If you are new to lessons, please fill out a Lesson Registration Form

*Never wear clothing that you love that can't get dirty! Blue jeans are great worn with     half chaps and paddock boots. It is also recommended that you wear layers that you     can add/take off easily -- even if it's cold outside, you will work up a sweat riding!

Lessons are NON-Refundable