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SCR Road To Damascus
    Meet Our Fabulous Homozygous FewSpot Stallion
                "SCR ROAD TO DAMASCUS"

DAMASCUS (duh MASS cuss).
Captital Of Syria (Isa. 7:8, Acts 9:2-3), Damascus is more than four thousand years old, is one of the oldest cities in the world. It served as a natural commuication center, linking the Mediterranean Coast and Egypt on the west, Assyria and Babaylonia on the east, Arabia to the south, and Aleppo to the north, Paul, a Jew, became a Christian while traveling on the Damascus Road, (Acts 9:1-31).

Mr. D as we call him aound the barn.  Has everything you could ask for in a sire. Our youngest daughter named him because he was born on Good Friday 2006, a white stallion with black points, and Our Lord "Jesus Christ" returns on a white stallion, see the symbolism?. When Damascus hit the ground that special morning. I felt like God was getting the last laugh, only because I gelded his sire Brite Nugget Jake that very Monday before his birth, I was thinking my days breeding POA's was over and God showed me that he has other Great plans that are still unfolding, even as we share our precious story with you today. The BEST part about D is he will always produce a spotted coat pattern on every foal, (passing along his appaloosa genetics). And lets not over look his gentle kind temperament, pretty head, tapured throat latch, sleek neck, natural rippling muscle's, thick bone, straight legs, beautiful well balanced conformation, long backed, giving him a very forward moving, sweeping up hill stride, with a flashy skunk colored mane and tail, making him a wonderful choice in a sire, a well put together POA stallion. Mature measurement  56" = 14hh