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Pony Tails
Julia has been taking lessons from Jill since July 2009. Julia was a beginner and has learned so much about horses and how to ride. Jill has a lot of skill in what she does and patience with her students. It's been a pleasure to see Julia's love of horses nurtured in such a positive environment.

Jill is the best instructor ever! She is very nice and patient. She teaches you everything about the horse (tacking, grooming, and riding). I love riding with Jill because she explains what to do and if you make a mistake, she will tell you right away so you can fix it. I have enjoyed riding with her for the past two summers. I love her very much! "20 out of 10 Rating!!!!"

-Brianna, age 11
I have been taking horse riding lessons from Miss Jill for 5 months and have already learned a lot. Miss Jill is a great teacher and she explains everything very clearly. Her horses are sweet and well trained. I look forward to riding them each week.

-Kyra, age 12
I love riding with Jill because if you make a mistake, she will say, "Does that look right?" and you can fix it. I also like her because she is a great instructor and she knows a lot about horses. She is a patient person and a kind teacher. When I first started, I knew I was really going to like her. And I do!! "20 out of 10 Rating!!!!"

-Kate, age 9
I have been taking horse riding lessons with Jill for a little over 5 months. Jill is a wonderful teacher and I love her so much. I have learned a lot over the short amount of time that I have been riding with her. Her horses are gentle, sweet, and well trained. I love them all!

-Briana Beam, age 9

Jill has been wonderful! We have enjoyed her one on one english and western riding lessons for 7 years now. My daughter has learned so much and absolutely loves it. We can't thank you enough!

-Silifa and Nasiim
My favorite horse is Holly because she is fun to ride and I think she is pretty. I've been riding sice August '09. I started because I saw how much my sister liked it and I decided I wanted to try it too. I've learned a lot since I started riding.

-Christin, age 11
I started riding with Jill in June of 2007. It was a big switch from the large barn up in Colorado that I had previously ridden at, but I immediately loved it. The horses are magnificent, my favorite having to be Pepper or maybe Jake, and the instruction from her was amazing. I�ve learned more in the three years that I�ve been with Jill than I�ve learned in the whole time I�ve been riding.  All her horses are very different and have very intricate personalities, making it easy to bond with them. I look forward to learning much more from her in the years to come.

-Katelyn, age 13
I've been taking horseback riding lessons with Jill for one year now. I first came because she advertised communication and unity with the horse. I like how she explains the reasoning behind what she tells you to do. This helps me to understand how the horse views and responds to my actions, helping me to feel connected with the horse. She is teaching me to have balance when I ride and confidence with the horses. I enjoy spending time with Jill and taking lessons from her.

-Joscelyn, age 19