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Restoration Ranch Ministry
The Heart of Restoration Ranch Ministry was birthed By Gods leading for the soul purpose of a FREE Outreach for Children, Youth And Adults of any age who might not ever have the chance to experience one of Gods Greatest Creations, The Horse! The Jill Page Equestrian Center is Open FREE on Scheduled
Sundays to those who have a strong desire to draw near to Gods Perfect unconditional Love through The Horse, which is the window to the human soul. Allowing healing bonding with horses and humans through loving fellowship with believers who love Jesus Christ! Come be restored to the Lord, Enjoy a Blessing Beyond Measure. We are here to serve YOU with this ministry, It available to ANYONE! Especially the Broken Hearted folks, who have terminal health issue, trauma of any type, emotional issues, abused, difficult hardships, flood or fire disasters, death of a family member or close friend. It is our mission and hope to create a SAFE place of healing for anyone in need of it. Please come join us at any of these GALLOP TO GOD Public Events Scheduled.
    Programs To Get Involved with...

       HOSTED And Presented By           
     Restoration Ranch Ministry 

       Jill Page Equestrian Center 
            1520 HolyOak Lane
             Lucas Texas 75002
               (214) 385-0400

DATES: SonDay April 22nd, May 20th, June 17th,  Sept 23rd Oct 21st 2018 
TIME: 12:30pm-6pm
Potluck, Horseback Riding, Pony Rides, Bobbing for Apples,  Balloon Toss, Horseshoes, Stick Horse Races. Fun Games for ANY Age Kids and Adults Welcome!