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Whoa Boy!
Welcome To Whoa Boy Halt Training Program. This unique training program is dedicated to serving you and your horse, we are totally committed to bringing you the BEST training possible.

We offer complete training from colt starting, correcting behavior issues, tune-ups, and finishing. We believe in gentle hands training methods, that establish respect, build trust, and promote your leadership role. The main focus of our training program is for you and your horse to become "True-Partners" its a long rewarding process, and thats exactly what it is...a process that takes time, a lot of your time, patience, and understanding of their world, which we are only given a small glimpse into. Come take this amazing journey and get in Harmony with your horse, you'll be glad you did. We only take in select number of outside horses in our programs per month to be able to provide you, our client 
personalized service. I can honestly say.....That it has been a blessing beyond words to work with these creatures God has blessed us with, horses and kids, we have made it our life.

To find out how to enroll your equine in our training programs.....
Please click on the Contact Us! page.
We start with developing a close bond with all outside horses we accept, beginning with our   basic ground training. Catching, haltering, tying up, standing patiently, leading, lungeing, backed, grooming, hoof cleaning, blanketing, fly spray, bathe, clipping, desensitizing them to scary horse eating monsters, like tarps, & other stuff. throw ropes, sacking out, tacking, untacking, eqipment used, draw reins, expandable reins, surcingle, martingale, training fork durring your horses training. All equine are handled daily and get worked (5) days a week, wear polo wraps or splint boots for all workouts.