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Welcome To Our Seasonal Horseback Riding Camp Page!
Our Camp Focus is Centered Around the Highest Standards Of  Equine Safety from the Ground to Mounted.
We offer a variety of Pony Camps during the Spring, Summer, & Fall, School Breaks. All are designed to meet the specific needs and abilities of the individual rider, and develop the confidence to become the most effective, balanced rider while enjoying connecting with these amazing animals God has blessed us with.
Becoming a Seasoned Equestrian takes Time, Practice and much Dedication, 
in the end worth every sacrifice you have to make!
              Pee Wee Riders Camp
          "Never To Early To Start Riding"

This camp requires parent participation, (mommy & me class) camp youngsters are exposed to petting, hugging/kissing, and grooming their pony, they are taught to ride a pony on a 10ft leadline, using break away safety stirrups, holding a grap strap, doing stretching & balancing exercises, games at walk, jog, halt, and paint a pony.

Dates:  (2)-Days, May ~ TBA
Time: 8:am to 11:00am
Age: 4 to 6 years old
Topic: "Getting Familiar with Equine"
Ratio: 1 to 1 (Parent MUST participate) 
Class Size 2 minmum to 5 Max
Cost: $200.00

                  "HEAVENS GAIT" 
             Basic Horse Camp Day~1
     "Great for Beginners to Intermediate" 

Day One is an introduction to the equine world, with an emphasis on building a strong foundation, teaching the kids all about the joys of equine ownership, how to care for pony, proper diet, stall cleaning, how to catch & lead pony correctly, tie-up = (using quick release safety knot), grooming, pick hooves, bathe, clipping, braiding mane & tail, tacking = (saddling & bridling), using horse terminology correctly, breed, color identification, How to measure your pony = (Hands ?) learn to ride Bareback, English & Western, learn parts of tack. Walk, Trot  Rein, Back, Half Halt, Whoa/Halt their pony balanced and under control, learn to post the trot, warm-up, cool down properly.

DATE: June (11th-14th), (18th-21st), (25th-28th)

Days M-Th (4-Days)
Time: 9am-4pm
Performance Thursday at 3:pm
Age: 7yrs + 18yrs
Topic: Basic Horsemanship
Skill Level: Beginners to Intermediate Level
Cost: $300.00per week per child
Ratio: 1 to 12
                      "HE REIGNS" 
     Horse and Pony Enthusiast! Day~2
                    "For Horse Lover"

Day two is designed to strengthen the rider to move forward to the next level, building character and stamina are essential, we will focus on safely riding in arena traffic going all directions comfortably at the walk trot & canter, working on proper application of pressure cues to execute maneuvers, performing smooth up ward and down ward transitions, going over poles, learn how to do lateral movements, (side-passing, pivot on the fore hand, & haunches) and MORE.

                   "We Are In Harmony" 

         "GALLOP To GOD"                           
               Games! Day~3 
                  Ready set Go

Day Three is all about improving your ability to master games on horseback, we expose the kids to a variety of games, some are speed timed events, while others are skill based to encourage them to be a team with their pony, a good attitude is required to perform in games, but you will be wowed at how quickly you are able to improve your riding skills while having tons of fun!

            "JUMP FOR JESUS"
             Day 4 Performance!


#1. Equestrian Style boots: = Cowboy~Boots or Paddock! "NO EXCEPTIONS"
#2. Long Pants Breeches, (Jeans or Cotton type)
#3. Helmet *We can provide Helmets on a first come first serve bases, (Register Early).
*If you own an equestrian helmet, your encouraged to bring your own!
#4. Brown bag lunch / snack / drinks
#5. Sun screen
#6. Bug Spray

We reserve the right to cancel any camp, for any reason (ridership, bad weather, emergency)


#1. Riding Gloves to grip the rein better!
#2. Riding Pants, breeches!
#3. Half Chaps
#4. Ball Spurs
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